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Web mail access to your mail box

POP3 Mail Service, Use any standard email program.
You can have YOURNAME@Ethans.com
Email us to find out if your name is still available.
If you would like an Ethan's Mail box, they cost $5/year for a 50 meg mail box
Email: Alan@Rifkin.com
More options available

Help in setting up your email Program
If you travel a lot , you will have trouble sending email. We recommend SMTP2GO to solves this problem.
SMTP2Go Worldwide SMTP Server If all else fails, this will allow you to send email from anywhere.

If you have trouble with Outlook or Outlook Express, we recommend that you use the free email program Eudora. It is easy to use and set up, allows multiple personalities and is free
click here to go to the Eudora web site

If you would like to purchase this domain name
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