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Meet Our Team

Meet our Team

The Ethan Behind Ethan’s

I was born on Stonyfield Farm and raised by organic entrepreneurs. Even as a kid, I understood the connections between human health and organic food. I have always shared my dad’s life mission to expand and promote organic agriculture, and make it more affordable and accessible—and delicious. And I am also passionate about my mom’s life mission. As a three-time cancer survivor, she has dedicated her life to educating people about toxin exposure and the impact that diet can have on human health.

My company is a fusion of my parents' life work. Our products are organic, safe, functional, accessible—and delicious.

But my aspirations are even higher.

I want Ethan’s to express the next level of wholesome food and beverage, one that takes into account not only the source of the ingredients, but also the nutritional value, the packaging, and the convenience.

And most of all, the taste has to be awesome.

The Team


Head of Operations
// aka Jack-of-All-Trades Man

Loves an ACV shot after lunch, added to 8oz of sparkling or still water, for digestion support and an afternoon pick-me-up

Drinks an MCT shot with his morning coffee for a morning brain boost


Head of Brand
// aka The Visionary

Takes an ACV shot in the middle of the afternoon when she needs a boost of energy

Loves MCT shots in the morning with breakfast or a few hours before a workout for the long, sustained energy support


Head of Research and Development
// aka the Mad Scientist

Takes an ACV shot after lunch for digestion and energy support

Loves MCT shots before workouts because they give him a boost of energy and keep him from getting hungry so that he can concentrate on working out