Our Fire Cider Shots contain an age-old brew used to support immune function.
Take when you’re traveling or feel a cold coming on.

Try a few shots on us... Watch video below for details.

LIMIT: One sample pack per customer.
NOTE: A $5 shipping and handling fee will be applied at checkout. The shots are free - we just ask that you cover a small shipping fee

Are You The "Try Before You Buy" Type?

Us too! That's why for a limited time, we're offering you a Free Sample Pack, so you can find your perfect shot! Just cover a small shipping fee and let us know what you think.


Original Fire - Organic apple cider vinegar, spices and a drop of honey make for a shot of immunity goodness. But beware: these shots aren't for the faint of heart.

Citrus Fire - Orange and lemon brighten our already sizzling blend of apple cider vinegar and organic spices.


  Boosts immune function
  Supports digestion
  Organic, Gluten Free

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The Ethan Behind Ethan's

Born on Stonyfield Farm and raised by organic food entrepreneurs, Ethan has had both food and business in his blood since Day 1.
A long-time user and proponent of apple cider vinegar, his first products were our line of apple cider vinegar shots. Seeking to solve the problem that he – and many others – faced with daily apple cider vinegar use, he simply sought to make the potent elixir taste better. Doing all the R&D from his kitchen and design from his laptop, he created his brand and launched the first products in July 2017.

It didn't take long before friends and family were raving about the convenience of our shots and requested more products that would support their personal health journeys. Ethan recruited his childhood friend Sebastian to help him make more products and the two have launched over 15 shots since, ranging from Immunity to Energy functions.
Bound by our internal guidelines, every product we make follows a strict set of criteria. Owing to his parents’ original mission, everything is 100% organic and in non-toxic glass packaging. Ethan always says we'll never make anything he wouldn’t give to his mom, a 3-time breast-cancer survivor.

Ethan loves hearing from you. If you have questions, ideas, or just want to say hi – please reach out directly. Our shots are made for you, so let us know what you think. ethan@ethans.com.

See What People Have To Say. . .


Your Original Fire shot is awesome! I used to make my own but yours is better and cleans out my lymph nodes (AMEN)!"

— Judy

"Love the Taste!

I buy like 20 individual fire shots at whole foods a week. its a problem. they're so good, I genuinely love the taste. I also enjoy going up to people at work and being like "hey, SMELL THIS" and watching the face of absolute shock and horror materialize on the face of my coworkers. overall 5 out of 5 stars."

— Anonymous

We do our research so you don't have to...

In addition to evaluating peer-reviewed research, we conducted our own with the help of our awesome on-staff registered dietician.
Sit back, take a shot, and dig in below.