You've tried that extra coffee and those nasty energy drinks, and you're still tired.

You've tried that extra coffee and those nasty energy drinks, and you're still tired.

Experience something different with our Organic, Natural Energy Shots.

Let's Go!

Be High Maintenance


Be High Maintenance

We have high standards and you should too

We packed organic caffeine and essential -Vitamins into our energy drinks. Our plant-based and GMO-free blends are perfect for energy on the go.

  • Good for you
  • Tastes delicious
  • Actually works
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  • organic ingredients

    All Organic Ingredients

  • Research Based and Science Backed

  • Non-toxic and Sustainable Packaging

  • no artificial flavors

    No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Your health is our obsession

Your health is our obsession

We do the research so you don’t have to

Mainstream supplements have become over-processed and unpredictable. Until now. We formulated the cleanest energy drinks to vitalize your body. No sugar, no jitters, and no weight gain.

Our Founder and on-staff Dietitian combined first-class organic juices, essential vitamins, electrolytes, and superfoods to recharge your daily routine.

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  • Life Saver

    "In the world of energy shots we have tried them all over time. Nobody, and we mean nobody, makes a clean, healthy shot like you do, that works as well as yours does. Thank you again, for creating this dependable, healthy product for us."

    Margie & Marcel

  • Unmatched Quality

    "I haven’t found any other energy shots with the same quality. Ethan’s is pricey but you get what you pay for."

    Tommy C.

  • 10/10

    "These little shots are amazing. I've always struggled when I travel but these easily go through airport security. 10/10."

    Tom T.

  • The Best

    “This drink is out of this world good, natural (no shakes after drinking). Smooth and very enjoyable. I will continue to purchase this awesome tasting drink.”

    Emily E

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