We’re on a mission to create clean, plant based supplements

We’re on a mission to create clean, plant based supplements

Our Story

It all started in Ethan’s home kitchen with the first apple cider vinegar shot. He managed to make it so delicious that it simply had to be shared.

After a lifetime in the wellness industry, Ethan came to understand how supplement companies operate: Make the cheapest possible product, convince people that they need it, and sell it for as much as possible without any care for actual function, quality, or long term human and environmental health.

That's why we're taking on the stale legacy supplements that have been your only option for the last 20 years: Energy shots, "immunity" powders, and anything else we think needs a serious upgrade. 

We're creating clean, organic, whole food supplements that work, taste great, and are actually good for you.

Our Values

  • Quality

    Good enough isn’t good enough. Plenty of others can create things that are a half-step better. Our focus is best-in-class, or we won’t make it.

  • Sustainability

    We always consider the impact to people and our planet at every stage of formulation, production and consumption.

  • Convenience

    Ready for action. Already suited to however you’re going to use it. Our shots and drink mixes are easy to integrate into your routine.