organic energy

A delicious, smooth lift without the weird chemical taste or crash.
Take when you need a morning or afternoon boost.

Pomegranate Blueberry


Tart Cherry Ginger


Pineapple Aloe


Energy Variety


benefits of organic energy

Each shot contains 150 mg of caffeine (equals 1.5 cups of coffee)

 Balanced energy & enhanced focus 
 No jitters or crash
 No added sugar
 Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free


Pineapple Aloe

Functional, unique, and flat-out delicious. 150mg of caffeine from organic green tea and guayusa, plus our organic pineapple and aloe juices.

You've never tasted an energy shot like this before.


we do our research so you don’t have to...

In addition to evaluating peer-reviewed research, we conducted our own with the help of our awesome on-staff registered dietician.
Sit back, take a shot, and dig in below.

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