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June, 25, 2023

How Much Caffeine Is In a Monster & Healthier Alternatives

Discover the caffeine content in Monster energy drink and explore a healthier alternative with Ethan's Clean Energy Shots. Boost energy without compromising your health.

Energy drinks: the colorful cans of mojo that everyone loves. We don’t shy away from refreshments, but have you ventured to see if these drinks are healthy? Today, we’ll give you all the facts about Monster Energy and whether it’s good for you.. or better to toss in the bin.

Why are performance drinks so popular?

Life keeps people on the go. Coffee fueled older generations the way energy drinks (ED) give this generation life. Well-known brands promise an energetic boost and insist that they burn fat and increase metabolism while reducing fatigue. Sounds like a gym-goer’s dream. But, could there be a hidden cost to your health?

Unclear labels are a clear concern

Amy Eichner, the Special Advisor to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, explained how performance drinks are loophole-labeled. Since EDs are considered supplements and regular beverages, companies can alternate categories, leaving out important nutrition facts. Without firm regulations “...many of these products evade labeling laws, which is why it can be difficult to know exactly what is in an energy drink," she told the USADA (1).

To keep all things pure, Ethan’s cut out the guesswork and created 100% natural, Clean Energy Shots. Upgrade your daily fuel with 150mgs of organic caffeine in a pocket-sized bottle. We’ve mastered the smooth, clean lift that lasts through the day – with no synthetic surprises.

That’s not all. We have a hunch there’s more to Monster Energy than what labels are telling us. Let’s dive into the details.

How much caffeine is in Monster Energy Drinks?

With 160 mgs of caffeine per can, Monster invites consumers to “Unleash the Beast”. Health experts pin caffeine as a mental stimulant. When absorbed into the bloodstream, caffeine ignites the nervous system. This reaction gives the alertness, sharp focus, and energy people look for (2).

Are Monster ingredients healthy?

Monster’s nutrition labels do not list any ingredients as organic (3). Red flag. Drinking multiple Monsters could lead to a health monstrosity. According to MedlinePlus, chugging too much caffeine has been linked to dehydration, headaches, anxiety, and even insomnia. 

The main source of Monster Energy’s caffeine comes from guarana, a concentrated supplement (4). With up to 5.8% caffeine by weight, it’s much stronger than coffee. Although more studies are needed to confirm long-term effects, we do know hyperconsumption can result in high blood pressure and nausea. 

Monster offers a full line of flavors like White Monster, Mango Loco, and Pipeline Punch. Each option gives you the same dose of caffeine in 16 liquid ounces. 

Our greatest concern, with Monster Energy and the entire ED industry, is the artificial ingredients –– and how they can negatively affect your health.

Do Regular Monster Drinks have side effects?

The USADA says to make a habit of reading Nutrition Labels. We agree. 

Here’s why: The Original Monster boasts of having 57 grams of sugar. Translation: it’s extra sweet. According to the American Heart Association, the daily suggested amount of sugar is 36g for men, and 25g for women (5). Natural sugars are best for the body (not the added sugars in soft drinks). The Original Monster is flavored with four different synthetic sweeteners, offset by 83 grams of salt.

Results that aren’t so “sweet”

One of the listed flavorings is Sucralose, a popular additive, with a scientific name that sounds legit. But, sucralose is better known as Splenda. An increased intake of this man-made sugar can lead to insulin resistance (6). A 2021 study in Advanced Nutrition showed monstrous amounts of added sugars, like sucralose, in the diet can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Another questionable ingredient in Monster Energy Drink is maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a highly-processed powder that mimics sugar and makes packaged products last longer (7). The rapid impact of maltodextrin causes blood sugar spikes, quickly. According to WebMD, this additive is also connected with imbalanced gut bacteria and other digestive-related issues.

Ethan’s Plant-Based Organic Energy Shots

Disrupt the status quo. Skip your next can of nectar and grab our vegan, USDA organic Clean Energy Shot. No synthetic flavors. No added sugars. No preservatives. Less liquid and no-nonsense. 

Clean Ingredients, Pure Drive

Sustainable and amplified. Green Tea and Guayusa extracts infuse our Clean Energy with 300 mgs of optimum performance power. Forget the jitters and ditch the crash. We harnessed organic Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps for an intensifying spark (8). Did you forget to take your vitamins? We’ve got you covered. Vitamin C, B12 and B6 are all packed into our four-flavored formula. You’ll have peak energy and a healthy focus from our plant-based fusion. No compromises.

Functional for Life 

Ethan’s Clean Energy gives you more clean caffeine than a cup of coffee. Not only do our shots or drink mix last for hours but sipping our supplements won’t leave you wiped out. We minimized the calorie count to 25 kcals. With just 8 bioavailable carbs, our powerful boost won’t hinder your health goals.

Treat your taste buds to four select flavors: Pineapple, Orange Mango, Cherry Ginger, or (our massively popular) Pomegranate Blueberry.

Revamp Your Daily Routine

What if you could activate your endurance before hitting the gym? Harvard and the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggest “...consuming energy drinks 10-60 minutes before exercise can improve mental focus, alertness, anaerobic performance, and endurance in adults,” (9). If it’s a morning pick-me-up you need, give your body around 30 minutes to absorb all the organic nutrients.

You’ll Love our Energy Shots

  • Frozen into ice cubes
  • Blended in a smoothie
  • Spritzed with your favorite juice

Drizzle our Drink Mixes

  • Into a sparkling water
  • Over a mocktail
  • Into a warm tea

Is Ethan’s safe to drink daily?

Yes. No matter the mixing method, our Clean Energy comes in single servings that are safe to use every day. The perfectly-packaged on-the-go shots come in 59mL bottles. Drink Mixes have 11g of soluble powder that’s best dissolved into 4 to 8 ounces of water. 

The caffeine content in both our Drink Mix and Energy Shots is 150mg. Mayo Clinic recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day (10). Anxiety, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, and headaches are earmarks of too much “mojo”. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly.

Natural Energy Boosters without Caffeine

Health that’s harmonious makes life better. The ideal way to increase energy levels begins in bed, with 6-8 hours of adequate rest. Next on the list, stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes in check.

Finally, harness the power of sound nutrition by enjoying organic, whole foods like seasonal fruits and vegetables. Rack up on lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey) and healthy (unsaturated), minimally processed fats. Whole grain, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fiber will power up those gains whether you’re rock climbing, running track, or lifting weights.

Kick the Synthetics for Clean Energetics

Now you have all the facts, you can make better choices. 

Monster Energy and other similar drinks can be purposefully mislabeled to confuse consumers. Big-name brands can be high in caffeine, but heavy on the added sugars, too. Artificial flavors and preservatives multiply health concerns for adolescents and youth. 

Be sure to read Nutrition labels carefully. Caffeine toxicity can lead to dizziness, nausea, and even heart complications. 

Ignite your focus with Ethan’s Clean Energy Shots and Drink Mixes. Enjoy a  supercharged daily performance without added sugars or synthetics. Our science-backed formula is good for your health and great for your mind. 

Try one of our flavors and tag us on Instagram @DrinkEthans. Be well!


400 mg is the suggested DV for caffeine intake. Four cups of coffee or two of our Clean Energy Shots are safe to use daily.

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