we are a functional shot company

creating products that serve as one small, positive addition to your day.

We are a Functional Shot Company

Creating products that serve as one small, positive addition to your day.

functional shots

We feel it, you feel it. It’s harder than ever before to be healthy and feel good. We’re busy, and we all feel the pressure to change our lifestyles and routines. It’s discouraging to constantly feel weighed down by the “must dos” and “must avoids.”

This is what functional shots mean to us. They are safe, organic, nutritious —and, of course, delicious — products that add a little something positive and genuine to each day.


We call our shots “optimal” because each contains the functional dose of the primary ingredient – whether it’s apple cider vinegar or MCTs – in addition to other healthy ingredients. This means that you’re getting the optimal daily dose, making it the most effective and very best for you.


Packaging is a critical but often overlooked component of the overall health and safety of a food product. We like to say that we do our research so you don’t have to, and that certainly applies here. We use glass packaging, and always will, because unlike plastic, glass will never leach chemicals into your food.  

Choosing glass over plastic was an easy decision because plastic packaging can be a source of chemical exposure. More than that, acidic and fatty products (like ACV and MCTs) actually increase the likelihood that plastic will leach into the food. 

For more on this, download our full report here.


All our ingredients are produced by USDA-certified organic farms. We are beyond proud to be organic because it’s good for the planet and good for you. We will never give our consumers ingredients that were grown with chemicals or damaging agricultural practices. Bottom line.