fast fuel

A sustained, nutritious boost to keep you going.

Take in between meals or before a workout.



Turmeric Ginger


Fast Fuel Variety


benefits of MCTs

Made with 8 grams of organic coconut MCTs.

 Packed with added superfoods
Supports weight loss
No sugar
Organic, KETO, Vegan, Gluten Free



The original combo, now in a shot.

Ingredients include the dynamic duo of coconut MCT oil and cold brew coffee.

Great for a caffeine boost and increased focus. 


we do our research so you don’t have to...

In addition to evaluating peer-reviewed research into MCTs, we conducted our own with the help of our awesome on-staff registered dietician.
Sit back, take a shot, and dig in below.


We do our research so you don’t have to..

All 4 flavors have been specifically designed with the help of our on-staff nutritionist, Leanna, to deliver maximum functional benefit. But don't just take our word for it, check out what we found: (link to our research)