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are saying...

The energy shots have been a game changer in my everyday life!!! I suffer from Crohn’s Disease and adult ADD & since I discovered Ethans shots I feel better daily in concentrating throughout the day without upsetting my Crohn’s disease!!! The stuff is truly awesome and I literally cannot start my day without it!!!

- Marguerite O.

I was diagnosed with GERD (chronic acid reflux) and stopped taking my prescribed medication when I added your ACV shots to my morning routine. I have one every morning before breakfast. Thank you!

- Monica O.

I absolutely loved all three flavors of ACV. This is my second order and its even better the second time around. First is ships very quickly and comes packages nicely so there is NO chance of damage. I also think the amount for the price for each bottle is the best I have seen so far. I love taking one shot to start my day, really puts my stomach and diet on the right start.

- Alanna H.

I just wanted to say that I tried your Pomegranate Blueberry drink and it was great! It kept me alert without making me jittery. I also love the fact that it is organic. Keep up the good work! 

- J. Williams

I love these energy shots! good, clean energy with no crash. The variety of flavors are also very tasty. I am very active in my daily lifestyle and Ethans Energy shots give me just the boost I feel that I need.

-Quinn B.

Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing product! I take a shot of vinegar every morning bc of you and I feel great! The turmeric apple is my fave! Thanks again!!!

- Bianca L.

It actually makes me look forward to drinking apple cider vinegar! I think the proportions are great - it’s the perfect balance - and the flavors are very good too. I especially like the Tumeric Apple. Awesome stuff, thanks for making and sharing it.

- Drew L.

Ethan’s organic energy shots were smooth and delicious. Not overpowering and gave the right amount of energy. (Plus the first time I tried them, I played the best round of frisbee golf I ever have.) Will be ordering more in the near future. 

- Tommy C.

Great shots with a mellow energy. No over the top buzzing and crash. Thankfully none of that processed 'energy' shot flavor. Very enjoyable for a natural energy fix, plus the glass is cool! 

- Justin S.

I wanted you to know that your shot was great! I love when the spice of the ginger hits and you can taste the ACV, but it is not so strong that you cringe. I think you knocked it out of the park on this one, I really do. I bought two shots, the Turmeric Apple and the Ginger Pineapple, I love anything with Turmeric and Ginger, so I had to do it. The health benefits of the two, as you know are just outstanding, so I appreciate these combos, as ACV is another beneficial drink I am super fond of. Anyway, Thanks man, I appreciate you making this, and I am excited for these little shots at my local Health Foods Store. 

- Mitchell M.

Ethan, Just wanted you to know . . . I work out twice a day. Mornings are mornings. Gotta have my French Roast before the run. But in the afternoon . . one pomegranate / blueberry and my energy and enthusiasm soar, ready for that second workout. I’m a 71-year-old male running between 60 and 70 miles a week. Your green tea and Bs are helping me to feel 30. Love the product! Keep it going, sir.

- Larry P.

Just wanted to say that my family and I are enjoying Ethan’s vinegar shots in various flavors! What a flavorful way to get our vinegar shots every day. We especially enjoy the Turmeric Apple flavor! It’s just the best! Great product! 

- Linda C.