Absolutely loveeeeeee the Apple Cider Vinegar Shot (Turmeric Apple)!! I was a little weary of the taste but this is great! I've been raving about it in the office and some of my coworkers have tried it and love it! Definitely planning on making this little guy apart of my morning regimen.

Serena, New York, NY

I normally roll out of bed in the morning and just go, on an empty stomach. But today with heat index hitting 90 by 8 am and the longest workout, I figured I should try this for some energy. Really had a strong performance!

Heather, Chicago, IL

We just discovered your product at our local Whole Foods in Berkeley, CA and we love them! Even my 3 and 4.5 year old love delicious and healthy mini elixirs.

Kelly, Berkeley, CA

I’ve always struggled when I traveled to take my daily acv because I never wanted to bring a huge bottle or check my bag. These little shots are amazing and go through airport security.

Tory, New Orleans, LA

It actually makes me look forward to drinking apple cider vinegar! I think the proportions are great - it’s the perfect balance - and the flavors are very good too.

Drew, New York, NY

I've mixed apple juice with apple cider vinegar many times, but the way you have layered turmeric, cider vinegar and the final hit of pepper, it's exciting, delicious and I know it is good for me.

Lynn, Little River, CA

I like the Apple Cider Vinegar with Ginger Pineapple! I feel the benefits shortly after the shot. The Ginger Pineapple is the only way that I can drink Apple Cider Vinegar.

Hollis, St. Francisville, LA

I tried your apple cider vinegar shot for the first time today. I was hesitant because some ginger shots can be a kick to my stomach, but this little shot of juju wasn't bad at all! It went down easily and the pineapple really muted that lovely apple cider vinegar taste :). I will definitely recommend them to others.

Jessica, Greenville, SC

I'm new to ginger shots and I typically don’t like ginger flavor. Your pineapple shot is something ill get in the future. It was smooth and it didn't burn me. A+++

Lucy, Los Angeles, CA