DIY: Ginger Pineapple Cough Remedy

Soothe the tickle in your throat with this DIY remedy feat. Daily Detox Ginger Pineapple! 😌 This recipe is inspired ...

DIY: Infused Olive Oil

Need a gift in a pinch? Reuse our glass bottles for this DIY infused olive oil. These are quick to make & ha...

DIY: Fire Spice Blend

This homemade seasoning blend is inspired by our Immune Boost shots and adds the perfect level of heat to any dish. F...

Glass Bottle DIY: Faux Clay Bottle

Faux clay bottle DIY, but make it mini! Follow along for a step-by-step guide to make your own. 😍 *Great for a...

DIY: Tiki Lights

Have you been looking for a way to make your backyard feel like a vacation due to limited travel this year? We've got...

DIY: Shot Glass

It's surprisingly easy to make your own shot glasses... follow along and watch how we reuse our bottles in the proces...

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