How to Get Energy Without Coffee (Yes, It’s Possible!)

May, 23, 2023

How to Get Energy Without Coffee (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Embrace Ethan’s clean energy shots. Discover a jittery-free alternative to coffee that revitalizes your body and mind. Stay energized throughout the day.

Is coffee a must-have for your daily routine? You’re not alone. The world at large drinks about 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day (1). America runs on Dunkin’, right? Since aromatic roasts are the second favorite drink on earth, we thought you’d like to add some new tools to your energy armory.

Is Coffee Bad for Your Health?

Coffee in general is not bad for you, per se. Studies have shown coffee intake reduces the risks of heart problems by 10-15% (2). However, moderation is key. There is a such thing as drinking too much coffee. We want to help you avoid that. 

Overindulging in caffeinated drinks can surge anxiety levels and increase blood pressure (3). Although caffeine sharpens alertness and focus, the downside is overuse can also increase insomnia and jitters (4). 

Mayo Clinic says if you’ve ever experienced heartburn or headaches while drinking coffee, it’s best to explore new ways to enhance your energy (5).

Importance of Finding Alternative Sources of Energy

Lifestyles are not “one size fits all”. Here at Ethan’s we fully support natural, healthy ways to get what you need. The best part of each individual health journey is finding what’s best for you.

Why limit yourself when options are endless? Life is about creating balance. A well-rounded lifestyle embraces multiple rich energy sources.

Understanding Energy and How it Works

What is energy and why do we need it?

Energy is defined as the ability to do work (6). In Health and Nutrition, energy is the fuel for life, described in kcals or “calories”. These units measure how much power we’ll extract from a specific food or drink (hence, Nutrition Labels). Once our bodies digest the nutrients, we metabolize them and convert them into energy.

Factors that affect energy levels

When feeling fatigued, it’s important to identify possible patterns of not getting enough rest, being under constant stress, having a sedentary lifestyle, or doing intense workouts without proper recovery. Experts at Sutter Health also note, “an inadequate diet can lead to fatigue…” and decreased mental agility (7). Usually, when we’re not at our best, we reach for an energizing drink as the answer. 

Here’s why you should think twice about doing so.

How caffeine affects the body?

All caffeine is not created equal. According to the USDA, an 8-ounce cup of home-brewed coffee contains around 95 grams of caffeine (8). Just one 16 oz. can of Monster holds a staggering 160 milligrams of caffeine. The FDA states 400mg of caffeine per day is considered safe (9). However, that hinges on personal tolerance. 

Overuse of caffeine can cause elevated heart rates, restlessness, nausea, and headaches. Not to mention a severe crash afterward or withdrawals when going without. 

Disclaimer: We’re not saying we hate Java. Let’s find a few alternatives to get balanced energy, naturally.

Natural Ways to Beat Fatigue Without Coffee

Physical Activities


Go ahead and break a sweat. Dr. Neil Paulvin told Everyday Health, activities that get us moving release endorphins that improve energy and mood well after a workout (10).


Stretch it out. Physical therapists from Focus PT clarify that expanding and contracting muscles during simple stretches, “increases blood flow…and relieves fatigue,” (11). 

Going for a walk

We dare you to be that random power-walking person. During a lunch break, or in between classes (especially if you’re running late), get that breath of freshness that revives you.

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating regularly

Not skipping breakfast is essential to kick-start your day (12). If you incorporate moderately-portioned meals throughout the day with the following foods you’ll need less caffeine.

Foods that provide energy

Hippocrates said it best, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” 

Whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats strengthen the body and mind. Try fresh fruits with steel-cut oats or yogurt for breakfast. How does blackened salmon over brown rice with asparagus for dinner sound?

Foods to avoid

Donuts are delectable but, highly-processed foods like cookies, fried foods, and sugary snacks don't sustain energy long-term. Check nutrition labels. If you can’t pronounce ingredients, it’s likely your body won’t know how to metabolize them (13).

Lifestyle Habits

Proper sleep habits

Consistently having seven to nine hours of deep, REM sleep is needed to maintain memory and vigor (14).  

Managing stress

How do you cope with stress? Maybe a massage? Developing creative ways to ease tension could expand your physical and mental health. (15

Staying hydrated

Dehydration causes fatigue. So grab a big bottle of water and wet your whistle often.

Alternative Drinks for Better, Clean Energy

Green Tea - Ethan’s Clean Energy Shots 

Nothing beats organic green tea. Our Clean Energy Shots and Drink Mixes are infused with Green Tea extracts that give you the perfect lift for hours. 

Herbal Tea

Beat the afternoon crash with an herbal, loose-leaf tea. Spicy Chai, peppermint, ginkgo, or Ginger are known for their electrifying qualities (16).


Probiotics anyone? Grab a fermented kombucha drink known for its digestive benefits with an energizing boost (17).

Try These Energy Enhancing Techniques

Breathing Exercises

Let’s take “getting some fresh air” to the next level. When you feel run down or a bit laggy, take a few mindful moments to breathe deeply. 

Cold Showers

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Starting your day with a cold shower activates noradrenaline, a hormone that supercharges your brain with alertness and energy (18).


Can scents energize you? Experts believe aromatherapy activates smell “sensors” inside the nose that communicate from the nervous system directly to the limbic system in the brain, which releases serotonin (a calming hormone) that moderates emotions (19).


Think massage therapy. Ancient Chinese Medicine proposes a connection between muscles or tissues and how the body holds stress (20). Acupressure administers tension relief through hand therapy along the body’s “meridians”. A 2021 study showed “Meridian acupressure significantly decreased stress, fatigue, and anxiety of shiftwork nurses,”(21).

Rediscover Your Best

Improving your exuberance starts with small innovations. Your energy levels could be impacted by diet, lifestyle decisions, or possible diet choices.

Start off by getting adequate rest and more body movement. Try massages and cold showers. Take care to eat balanced, whole-food meals. Kick the coffee habit and try kombucha, the organic Green Tea extract in our Clean Energy Shots, or get electrolyte-d with our hydrating Energy Drink Mix (just add water).

Above all enjoy the journey of rediscovering your best; it may change as you grow. Be well!


Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so drinking enough water throughout the day helps maintain energy levels and promotes overall well-being.

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Tiffany Nicole

Tiffany is a bi-lingual Nutritionist and Health Writer. She is focused on simplifying Nutrition and natural health for all audiences. During a self-study, she discovered preventable disease are abundant in Westernized populations due to a dire need for Nutrition education. These findings inspired her in life, work and study. Tiffany currently holds a Diploma in Nutrition from the Fabulous Body Academy and is a graduate of Stanford’s Food and Health Certification program. She's continued her education in pursuit of a Level 1 Coaching Certificate from the renowned, Precision Nutrition. Her Nutrition articles have been featured by the publications Health Digest, Cover'd Girlz Magazine, and Emily Alexander’s Nutrition Blog gallery. Tiffany is a professional Copywriter and Marketing Consultant within her boutique Marketing business, Creative Encouragement.

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